Adult Day Support

New Hope provides many services and supports as well as activities during the day.
Learning opportunities and skill training are combined with activities such as arts and
crafts, computers, exercise, jazzercise, book club and current events to name a few.
Nursing services are provided to pass medications, provide first aid and ensure
health and safety while at New Hope.  Special activities are held throughout the
year that include the annual summer picnic and Christmas party.  We also offer
community outings on a regular basis.  Volunteer opportunities are also available.

Vocational Habilitation

New Hope employees have the opportunity to participate
in paid contract work as available.

This can include janitorial, light assembly, simple hand packaging, etc. You will be
assigned to a crew supervisor and may work with other individuals to complete jobs.
Employees are paid every two weeks by direct deposit. Current contract jobs include Sanoh,
AMG, Ariel, VerMac, AAF International and Heating and Cooling Products. Contract work
may lead to individual employment services outside the workshop setting.